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A homeowner may be initially surprised at the sheer variety of paints available on the market. There is a wider selection than ever before, not only in color but also in durability, degree of shine, uniformity, and more. As part of their work, most Colorado Springs painting contractors can help steer clients toward the best kinds of paints for their particular project. Nonetheless, it's always a good idea for homeowners to know a little bit about the kinds of paints available before they get started. Of particular interest to many homeowners are high performance paints, which have especially resilient properties for demanding situations.

There is no industry wide definition for high performance paint. Rather, each brand uses the term or similar terms to designate whatever they categorize as their most rugged or durable line. Often, high performance paints are primarily intended as commercial paints. However, residential paint jobs may also benefit from some of these paints, especially homes with small children whose regular hand prints and roughhousing can cause visible damage to painted surfaces.

One of the primary purposes of high performance paint is to last longer despite harsh conditions. Many such outdoor paints are designed to resist regular hours of direct sunlight. Some of these water based paints may be catalyzed to allow the homeowner to more easily wash painted surfaces in high traffic areas.

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In other cases, high performance paint is designed for use on particular kinds of materials. Some of these higher grade paints, for example, contain ingredients to inhibit the formation of rust or corrosion.

While most professional painters prefer to begin with a coat of tinted primer, some high performance paints are advertised as paint and primer. Typically, these paints allow better coverage than paint alone. There is some contention in the painting world as to whether they can really measure up to a base layer of primer. Other premium and high performance paints stand out for their ingredient list. No VOC paints are a popular option for eco conscious homeowners. Other paints are especially mildew or moisture resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms or kitchen areas.

Choosing the right paint can dramatically affect the overall appearance as well as the lifespan of a paint job. Depending on the budget and the property owner's particular needs, it may be worth investing in a high performance or premium paint. For example, high performance paints that offer optimized durability can reduce the frequency with which paint jobs need to be scheduled.

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