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No VOC paints stand out from the others because of what they do not contain: VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Naturally, many consumers find the prospect of a healthier and more environmentally friendly option immediately appealing. However, few people actually understand what VOCs are or the potential advantages of picking paints that do not contain them. Colorado Springs painting contractors vary in their particular paint preferences, but any reputable contractor should be able to help homeowners make an informed choice of the paint for their next project. It helps to be familiar with the differences between no VOC, low VOC, and standard paints.

Volatile organic compounds are unstable compounds that contain carbon and easily vaporize. In other words, when substances that contain these compounds, such as standard paint, are exposed to the air, they quickly begin to leach some of their chemicals into the air breathe by the occupants of the building. VOCs are used as solvents in conventional paint. All VOCs are not the same, but some have been linked to serious health issues, including kidney and liver damage, breathing difficulties, and cancer.

In standard paint, VOCs are given off at a high rate while the paint dries and then at a lower rate throughout the paint's lifespan on the walls. By some estimates, indoor air has 10 times as many VOCs as outdoor air.

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As scientists have unearthed more data regarding VOCs and their effects on environment and public health, standards have changed for paint production. All paint manufacturers must meet certain guidelines that limit VOC levels. While limits vary by state, some of the most stringent states permit no more than 50 grams of VOCs per liter. Typically, the limits for VOC paints are lower for flat paint than for other finishes. In addition to the regulations, some paint manufacturers produce special lines of either low VOC or no VOC paints.

Various manufacturers are responding to widespread anti VOC interests. However, there is currently no official threshold to enable a company to label its paint as low VOC. Some low VOC paints contain 50 grams per liter while others contain 150. In general, industry experts advise that lower is always better. However, little evidence exists to demonstrate the precise differences between low VOC and no VOC options.

When weighing no VOC and low VOC paints against traditional options, many homeowners will note the considerable price differential. VOCs have traditionally been used in paint formulas to give paint the properties that makes it usable. For those consumers who take recent reports to heart regarding the health and environmental repercussions of VOCs, the extra investment is a solid one.

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