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Repainting a home involves a lot of choices for a homeowner. First they must choose between available Colorado Springs painting contractors. The paint selection can also be a difficult decision. Homeowners might feel at a loss even once the color is decided. Modern house paint has plenty of options for finish and base without getting into specialty additives like metallic flake. Finishes are pretty straight forward and fairly well known. Bases, on the other hand, can seem foreign to the uninitiated. Luckily, it is not a complicated as it seems.

There are basically two types of paint. Water-based paints are generally latex or acrylic paints, which are used on walls and trim. Water is the wetting agent which allows the paint to be applied. As the paint dries, the water evaporates leaving the pigment behind. The second type of paint is oil-based. These paints are less popular for interior use due to the large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) used as a wetting agent. Oil-based paints are popular for exteriors and small projects due to the high-gloss finish and the fact that brush marks fill themselves more easily.

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The big downside to an oil base is the VOCs which are harmful to breathe and to the environment. These paints must be thinned with mineral spirits or some similar solvent.

The other place homeowners are likely to come across the term base when looking for paint is on buckets of tint base. Tint base is uncolored paint that ranges from pure white to darker shades, depending on the amount of titanium dioxide used. Titanium dioxide is a white powder, which helps paint conceal the color beneath. The bases are ranked by the amount of titanium dioxide in them. This is why lighter colors actually cover better than darker ones. Beyond this, the base ratings, including pastel, light, medium, deep and neutral, have to do with the type of colors each is able to produce when combined with pigment. Deeper bases have less titanium dioxide but can produce richer colors. The downside is it will take more coats to cover smoothly.

Bases are pretty simple to understand. Homeowners should try out a small patch of color with any paint before committing to the whole project. Some colors will look different, depending on the lighting and objects in the room. If there still any questions a certified painting professional will be able to explain further.

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