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When having a home repainted, it can get very confusing with all the different paints, coatings, finishes and any specialty paints designed for different rooms. It is always a good idea for the homeowner to know what Colorado Springs Painting Contractors are talking about when discussing the types of paint they should use for a particular job. The two basic types used in any large home project are oil-based and water-based. Primers or first coat should be considered as well as the different types of finish coat paints.

Primer is used on uncoated surfaces and is there to protect the surface of the wall underneath it and provide a base for more coats. They can be oil- or water-based, and most of them can be sprayed when using the right sprayer. The first coat is used to increase opacity of the finish coats. Usually, one or two coats will be required before applying the finish coat.

Most water-based finish paints will fall under the general categories of eggshell, semi-gloss, flat or gloss. Water- or latex-based paints are easier to maintain and wash. A flat paint is usually used for walls and ceilings.

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There are many variations of flat paints including mattes, water-based eggshell and silk. Some even contain vinyl to make them more hardwearing. Eggshell paints have a slight sheen and are more durable than flat. Some manufacturers may specify that certain paints be used for the exterior. However, it is most often used on interior wood surfaces. Gloss is a hardwearing finish paint and is usually used on metal or wood surfaces. Satin is a more popular type of gloss but is less shiny.

Enamel paints are oil-based paints that are hard and durable. They come in gloss and semi-gloss finishes and are not quite as easy to maintain and clean. They are usually used around windows, doors and trim. Also, it should be taken into account that these finishes discolor over time.

Some paints are specially formulated in order to withstand particular situations. Some of these paints are designed for the bathroom, kitchen, floors and metal. Those designed for the bathroom and kitchens have additives that make it resist mold and moisture better than other paints. Floor paint is used on concrete and floorboards and is usually oil-based and durable. Metal paint can be used on interior or exterior surfaces and can be applied directly over rust spots. They usually come in high-gloss, smooth, and textured finishes.

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