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A new coat of paint on the exterior of a home is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase value and curb appeal. The process of applying the paint is relatively easy and the tools and materials required can be obtained without spending an arm and a leg. However, with all the different types and colors of paint available, how does one make the right choice? These tips from expert Colorado Springs Painting Contractors can help homeowners with the decision.

Before picking a color, a homeowner should choose a type of paint based on certain factors. The first factor to consider is the paint base. There are two main varieties: solvent-based (oil) and water-based (latex). This decision really comes down to whether or not there's existing paint that must be covered and the ease of clean up.

Solvent-based or oil paint dries slowly and can only be removed with turpentine or paint thinner. However, it's the best choice when painting over an existing oil-based surface. In fact, peeling and cracking can occur if a latex paint is used instead.

Water-based or latex paints dry quickly and can be cleaned up with just soap and water.

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Latex is very durable and expands or contracts depending on the temperature. This makes it one of the best paints for the exterior of a home.

The sheen of paint determines many factors and is typically classified into four categories. While manufacturers may call them by different names, they can usually be found in gloss, semi-gloss, satin and flat.

Gloss is a tough sheen and resists stains better than other types. Gloss is good for high-traffic areas and provides a nice contrast when used on trim around windows and doors. However, gloss doesn't hide blemishes or damage as well as other types of paint.

Semi-gloss is just as tough and easy to clean as gloss but typically have less shine. Semi-gloss is a decent middle ground paint between the high shine of gloss and the low luster of flat.

Satin is also known as eggshell and offers mid-range sheen. Satin paint works best on exterior cladding that is still relatively new and in good condition. However, it can be used to hide imperfections and works better at covering damage than gloss or semi-gloss.

A paint with flat sheen is great for covering dents or scratches in vinyl or aluminum siding. It covers damage well, splatters less and is easier to clean up than other varieties.

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