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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Choosing The Right Interior Painting Contractor

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Hiring the right interior painting contractor can mean the difference between beautiful rooms that do not need repainted for decades and paint that peels and shows wear after only a few years. The trick to ensuring the former is to choose the right interior painting contractor.

The first step to choosing a painting professional starts with making a list of potential contractors. Homeowners should start with references from friends, family and coworkers because they are most likely to give candid reviews that include both positives and negatives. Another good source is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB allows individuals to search Colorado Springs painting contractors by name or business type and city. The resulting list gives the status of the contractor's BBB accreditation and their rating as well as the business' contact information. Painting contractors that have poor BBB ratings should be eliminated from the list.

Next, homeowners should call each contractor and speak to a customer service representative about the business' services and experience. The homeowner should look for businesses with several years of experience and employees who are highly trained. This is also a good time to ask for a list of references from previous jobs.

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Any businesses that did not provide references or appeared rude or unprofessional on the phone should be eliminated.

The references should be checked for each business that remains on the list. The homeowner can choose to simply call the references and ask a few questions or request to personally view the work the contractor performed. Some references may even be willing to supply before and after pictures.

After the reference check, the homeowner should narrow their list down to three or four contractors and call each contractor to schedule an on-site inspection and detailed quote. Each quote should be meticulously read and inspected for material costs, labor costs, included services and any fine print that could be used to increase the quoted price.

It is important to note that the lowest quote may not be the best choice. Estimates that appear lower than normal should be scrutinized. Low quotes could mean that the business plans to use old materials or cut corners. This could result in an inferior painting job that only lasts a few years before the surfaces need to be repainted.

The last step is to choose a painting contractor and schedule a start date. During the phone call, homeowners should ask about any prep work that may need to be performed prior to their arrival. Some painting contractors ask that furniture be removed prior to the start of work.

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