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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Common Questions About Painting Contractor Estimates

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Any professional painting contractor should offer clients a written estimate that provides a summary of the proposed work. In no cases should customers be required to sign a letter of intent before receiving their written estimate. While most clients usually ask for some form of estimate or bid, many are unaware of precisely what they should expect the estimate to contain.

Any professional painting contractor can reasonably be expected to provide a job estimate in writing. This estimate should outline all pertinent details of the work, including the total cost as well as the time frame in which the work will likely be completed.

As a general rule, the more thorough the written estimate, the more easily one can rely on the contractor to fulfill their side of the bargain. Most Colorado Springs painting contractors provide written estimates as a matter of course. In the best scenarios, these estimates include details such as the type of paint used, the duration of the project, whether the job is subcontracted or carried out by the company itself and any guarantees associated with the work.

In many cases, clients make a mistake of simply looking at the bottom line and, upon comparing that bottom line among several companies, opting for the lowest bidder. However, different contractors may structure estimates differently. One should check whether each estimate includes all of the materials and labor, in addition to any relevant taxes or extra surcharges.

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In some cases, homeowners may be looking to engage contractors for multiple painting jobs. If so, it may be worth asking the painting contractors to prepare separate estimates for each task. It's advisable to ask the contractor up front if he or she would be willing to provide individual estimates. Homeowners should keep in mind, however, that pricing may vary, with the opportunity for better savings when one commits to larger jobs. For this reason, some contractors may prefer to offer estimates based on completing all of the individual tasks that a client wishes to have done.

In most cases, written estimates also include information about when and how the job should be paid. In some cases, painting contractors ask for deposits, though many companies do not charge any such deposit. According to state and local laws, any such deposits are typically limited to no more than 10 percent of the total cost of the painting job.

A painting contractor's written estimate is the first step toward getting a job. In that sense, it's fair to think of the estimate as a reflection of the company's overall profile. As a rule, it's a good idea to work only with companies who provide detailed and highly specific written estimates.

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