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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Comparing Latex To Oil-based Paint

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Nearly 75 percent of the paint used for the exterior of residential buildings is latex-based. However, most homeowners are not aware of why most Colorado Springs painting contractors prefer to use latex paint over oil-based paint, which is also known as solvent-based. While each paint type has its own pros and cons, latex paint is often best for outdoor use because its liquid portion is nearly all water. With solvent-based paints, the liquid portion is made out of petroleum distillates. Which type of paint will work best for a specific home depends on a number of factors, which is why such decisions are best left to the professionals.

In terms of durability, both types of paints are about even. However, oil-based paints tend to stick to chalky surfaces better than latex. While that is important in some situations, painters prefer latex since it has better elasticity than oil. This gives latex paint a significant advantage when it is applied to a surface that is flexible, such as a home's siding.

While both paints hold up well to abuse, it's important to note that latex has a clear advantage in regard to color retention. Both paints last about the same number of years, but latex paint fades less during those years. This keeps homeowners from feeling like their houses have lost the luster.

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Many contractors also enjoy using latex-based paint because it dries much faster than oil-based paints. Latex paints usually only require about six hours to dry. This allows painters to put on multiple coats a day. Oil-based paints take nearly 24 hours to dry. This means, a house that requires multiple coats, will take multiple days to dry. This is one of the reasons why most contractors charge more to apply oil-based paint.

Neither paint has a terrible odor, but it should be noted that oil-based paints have a much more noticeable odor. When hiring a contractor to paint the outside of a house, this is not as big of a deal. However, homeowners who are hiring painting professionals to handle the inside of their homes might want to consider the smell that could linger for weeks.

In terms of versatility, both paints can be used on a number of surfaces, including wood, metal, vinyl and brick. Unfortunately, oil-based paint requires some kind of sealer or pre-treatment before it can be applied to certain masonry surfaces such as stucco or concrete. Also, oil-based paint cannot be applied directly to galvanized metal without some kind of sealer. These are problems that contractors simply don't have with latex paint.

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