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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Different Paint Finishes and Their Uses

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House paint varies widely in color and sheen, or how much it shines when dry. A high gloss paint reflects light very well. By the same token, that high sheen will show off every bump and irregularity in the wall surface. At the other end of the spectrum, flat paint is very matte looking, without any sheen at all. For large interior painting projects, chances are that different finishes will be appropriate for different rooms, since each finish has a different practical advantages and disadvantages. For advice on paint finishes, most Colorado Springs painting contractors will be glad to offer tips specific to each particular situation.

Flat paint is popular for its muted appearance and does not show off any gloss at all. The matte appearance is widely appealing for many home interiors. However, it is also highly susceptible to wear, and it's more difficult to clean any smudges from flat paint than from glossier alternatives. In addition, flat paint "shows off" any irregularities in the wall's surface, meaning that it will be necessary to prepare the wall carefully before painting. On the other hand, flat paint also contains the most pigment, meaning that it can cover the most square footage with a single paint can. Flat paint is popular for areas such as bedrooms, though not usually for children's bedrooms.

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Alternatively, high gloss paint has the opposite characteristics and appearance of flat paint. It is highly shiny and can conceal bumps or cracks in the wall's surface. Since high gloss paint can be washed easily, it is commonly used for trim, doors and house spaces that are the most occupied.

In most cases, homeowners opt for a paint finish that is somewhere in the middle. A satin finish, also called eggshell, is slightly glossier than flat paint. Semi gloss is midway between satin and high gloss. Satin is popular as an all purpose paint, frequently used in living rooms, foyers and hallways. Semi gloss, with its durability and ability to be easily cleaned, is widely used for children's bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where the look of gloss would be too intense.

Selecting the right paint finish is a fairly straightforward process. There's no single best finish, but rather different finishes for different purposes. Using different finishes in different rooms of a home is a fairly standard practice. For homeowners on the fence, it's fairly common to use satin in neutral areas as a happy medium. This paint is relatively easy to clean, moderately concealing of irregular wall surfaces and of a fairly good value.

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