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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Different Types Of Paints For Exteriors

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When deciding to paint their house, homeowners may be overwhelmed by the number of choices they have when it comes to exterior paints. In addition to colors, they must choose between oil-based and water-based primers and paints. Different applications require different types of paint and primer.

Paints and primers will be either oil-based or water-based. Each one has its strengths, abilities and preferred applications. Which type is appropriate for the job depends on the condition of the material to be painted and what it may have been painted or stained with previously. Colorado Springs painting contractors can answer any questions homeowners may have about exterior paints and primers.

Oil-based paints and primers penetrate wood and adhere very well to surfaces, enabling them to last longer and dry to a smooth finish. Oil-based paints take significantly longer to dry than their water-based counterparts and give off significantly more VOCs.

Water-based paints come in two types: latex and acrylic. Both come in a wide variety of colors that resist fading and moisture and emit a low amount of VOCs. Plus, they dry in as little as one to six hours in an ideal setting.

An Avalanche & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO house painter would be happy to answer any question about roofing or exterior painting.

For homeowners, the biggest difference between the two types is often ease of clean up. Water-based paints clean up with soap and water. Oil paints require a special solvent applied using brushes and rollers.

As the old saying goes, oil and water do not mix. However, this is only partially true for oil-based and water-based paints. Oil-based primers are excellent for durability and preserving the integrity of the wood. They can be used as the foundation for both oil- and water-based paints. However, water-based primers must always be used with water-based paints.

For a home's exterior paint job to be beautiful as well as durable, each surface must be prepped and treated with a primer that is appropriate for it. Wood, metal and masonry each have paints specially formulated to adhere to them and resist peeling and blistering. Additionally, different climates require different primers as well. For example, climates that see a lot of moisture will need a primer that prevents mold and algae. Drier climates that get a lot of sunshine will require something completely different. The right primer will ensure that the paint on top of it lasts as long as possible, enabling it to protect the home from the elements and retain the home's property value and curb appeal.

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