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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Ensuring A Professional Exterior Paint Job

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A high-quality exterior paint job requires professional preparation. The exterior of a house, particularly the color and quality of the paint job, creates the initial impression for the whole property.

Some homeowners may have the equipment and ability to paint the exterior of their home. However, in most cases, hiring one of the Colorado Springs painting contractors will result in the most satisfying result.

Turning the job over to a professional does not mean the resident can wash his hands of the process. Some major decisions in exterior painting must ultimately be made by the customer--the type and color of paint to be used and the choice of the contractor.

Before contacting a contractor, a customer should get a general idea of the color scheme that will be used. The color scheme of a new house sets its identity within the neighborhood. Good choices will result in a positive impression; bad color choices may have the opposite result.

A resident should look at other homes to get ideas of colors and color palettes that are pleasing. While the homeowner will not want to copy the color scheme of the house next door, looking at other houses may generate new ideas.

Landscaping should be considered when choosing paint colors. If bushes, trees or flowers are abundant near the home, their colors should be incorporated. If many trees shade the yard, using a lighter color will counteract the darkness.

Structural and functional features of the house should be considered. Some fixtures, such as entryways, windows and shutters, should be accentuated when picking colors. On the other hand, gutters, downspouts and outdoor air conditioning units should not be highlighted in the color scheme of the home.

The color of some features of the home cannot be changed. Roofing, paving blocks, and concrete or stone walkways should be incorporated into the color palette in order to achieve uniformity.

Color choices can also be used to hide or minimize the appearance of flaws in the home. For example, using two shades of the same color can make a small house look larger; the darker shade should be applied to the upper part of the structure. Windows that appear disproportionately small will look larger when trimmed in a lighter color.

The other decision in selecting the paint is what kind to use.

Painters from Avalanche & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO would be happy to answer any question about water damage restoration or roofing.

The contractor will provide assistance with this decision. However, the customer should have some basic information about the available options.

The type of paint used should be based on the surface to be painted, climate, and the trade-off between price and quality. The right paint for wood siding may not be the right material for stucco or brick. If the home gets a lot of sunlight in a dry climate, latex paint may be the best choice.

Paint comes in different grades. Higher-quality paint will generally be more expensive. Buying paint that costs less may result in a paint job that lasts fewer years.

The other major decision is selecting a painting contractor. Friends and neighbors are a good place to start for suggestions. Online sites rate businesses such as painting contractors. Ultimately, the customer should get estimates from three contractors who have been in business for 5 to 10 years. The contractors should go to the house and inspect it before giving an estimate. The contractor should also talk to the customer about trouble spots that will require special attention and the appropriate type of paint.

Three estimates for the same job should generally be in the same range. If one bid is extremely high or extremely low, the homeowner should ask for an explanation from that contractor to be sure that the contractor understands the scope of the job.

Once the best estimate is selected, the homeowner should sign a contract with the contractor. The contract should specify precisely what work is to be done, including the preparation of the house, type of paint, and how many coats of primer and paint will be applied. The specific structures to be painted should be identified; if wooden fences or outbuildings are included, they should be listed in the contract. The contract should also generally specify when the work will begin and how long it is expected to take.

Finally, before signing any contract, the customer should verify that the contractor is licensed, insured and bonded. The contractor should be able to provide proof of these items; otherwise, a different contractor should be considered.

Following these steps should result in a paint job that is pleasing to the eye, affordable and long-lasting.

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