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A lot of preparation needs to be performed before a house's exterior can be painted, and most of it by has to be done by hand. For every hour of painting to be done, there is an hour or more of prep work, depending on the condition of the home to be painted. To call it a major chore would be an understatement. That is why most homeowners prefer to have their home's exterior prepped and painted by Colorado Springs painting contractors.

To begin with, the old paint must be scraped from every square inch of the house's exterior including trim, soffits and fascia boards. This is a job that must be done by hand. Although the right tools make the job easier, it is still an intimidating and labor-intensive task. The best way to access the entire home is by using scaffolding. This structure is much safer than using a ladder and helps the work proceed more quickly.

After the loose paint is scraped off, every surface must be sanded until none of the old paint remains or until the paint that does remain is feather-sanded to prevent the new paint from failing.

Proper care must be taken to catch the old paint chips as they fall so that the lawn and landscaping are not contaminated. Additionally, care must be taken to protect the person doing the scraping and sanding from breathing in tiny paint particles, especially if the home being painted was built before 1978.

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This precaution is due to the hazard posed by the lead-based paints that were common at that time. Most contractors use special sanders with vacuum hoses and HEPA filters to contain the dust.

Next, all exposed nails must be countersunk, caulked and sanded to eliminate any avenue for water to seep in and also to give the painted surface a smooth finish.

Finally, the house must be power washed using a low setting. High settings will force water behind the siding, which will cause other problems with the siding, the home's insulation or the interior drywall. At minimum, the painting of the house will be delayed while waiting for the siding to dry out properly.

Sometimes, old paint refuses to surrender peacefully. For those stubborn cases, professional contractors must resort to heat guns, special tools and chemical peels. Although chemicals might seem like the perfect remedy to the demanding job of prepping a house for painting, they aren't. Many chemicals are messy and require a lot of time and attention by the person using them. Plus, overexposing the wood to the chemical could mean extra work after the chemical is finally removed. Clearly, prepping a home for painting is a chore best left to professionals who are prepared to handle any scenario they encounter.

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