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The most important requirement for a good paint job is a clean, dry surface, which can be especially challenging when the substrate is located outdoors. Moisture, dirt, grime and oxidized paint left on the surface before application will affect the paint's ability to adhere. Even after the wall or siding has been washed thoroughly, soap scum can remain and weaken the bond. All debris must be carefully rinsed away before the first coat goes on.

Primer is a necessity for sealing the surface and hiding unsightly stains. It also acts as a base coat for the paint and helps the paint stay on the surface. When the existing wall color is darker than the new paint shade, primer helps cover the old color. The most commonly used exterior paint primers are latex and alkyd. The best choice of primer depends on the type of material to be coated. Colorado Springs painting contractors can offer professional guidance to the client who is unsure which option is ideal for their project.

For concrete, latex is the most effective bonding agent between the porous wall and the paint. Since it is water based, it absorbs into holes easily and is less likely to bubble up than other primers. Latex also dries quickly and protects concrete from the elements. It helps prevent the top coat from chipping over time. Additionally, latex wall coverings can be cleaned with soap and water for quick maintenance, are slow to fade and will not chalk.

The painting contractors from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO would be happy to answer any question about roofing or water damage restoration.

Wood surfaces often fare better with alkyd primers. If the wood has an old coat of paint on it, a primer may not be necessary unless the wood contains nail heads that have started to rust. A fresh wood structure benefits from the resins in the oil that penetrate into the substrate, although a latex primer works well if the wood has a high moisture content. Latex is more breathable and flexible than alkyd. An oil base, however, will not raise the wood grain. New hardboard needs an oil-based primer to prevent bleeding. At times, a latex topcoat can be used with an alkyd primer for superior results.

Metal components are often primed before being placed on the market. Otherwise, an oil based product is the best option for an introductory coating. If the metal is galvanized, a special primer is available. Gray or white is normally appropriate for ferrous metals while a red iron oxide may be required for a rusted piece. Aluminum, on the other hand, can be coated with either a gray primer or a galvanized metal base coat. Even latex is appropriate for this versatile chemical element. The condition of the metal helps determine which type of primer will be effective. Regardless of the substrate and primer type, a painter can achieve flawless results with a little preparation and the right formula.

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