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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Fixing Water-damaged Drywall

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The most common cause of water damage to drywall is a leak in the roof or indoor plumbing. In the case of a plumbing leak, it's usually an upstairs shower drain pipe that dumps gallons of water onto the drywall below. The crumpled, bloated drywall may be unsightly from the first floor, but the damage extends far beyond what the homeowner can see without cutting open the ceiling. At this point, it's not possible to paint over the discolored walls and ceiling because the water will continue to exacerbate the problem. A crew of Colorado Springs painting contractors must be called to assess the damage and repair the affected parts of the ceiling before painting the interior.

The process can be lengthy if the damage is extensive or fairly recent. When the problem is extensive, it means that water has been slowly leaking onto the drywall and ceiling hardware for months. The surrounding area is likely affected as well. Screws holding the drywall in place have a tendency to become rusted and pop out of the ceiling, causing unattractive, rusted metal studs to protrude from various parts of the drywall.

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The paper tape that holds sections of drywall together often becomes warped and loses its adhesiveness, and new tape must be applied with a special cement compound known in the industry as "mud." Mud is spread over the new tape and screws to give the drywall a smooth, level finish.

Extensive damage can lead to complications on lower floors if the leak is allowed to progress. Carpeting and wood floors can be damaged, requiring a whole-home renovation. If the damage is fairly recent, it may take a little longer to repair because it must be allowed to dry before new drywall can be installed. There will be a lot of debris as the ceiling is cut open and pieces of rotten drywall are pulled down to the bottom floor. All the tape holding the gypsum in place will have to be pulled off the ceiling and disposed of, and there may be a huge hole in the ceiling for about a week. The reason this process is necessary is that gypsum is a soft, rocky mineral that expands and distorts when it gets wet. Once the damaged drywall has been replaced, the contractor can quickly repaint it to match the rest of the home's interior. If the original paint isn't available at the time of the repair, the contractor can always mix colors with computer precision to get the right one.

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