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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Frequency Of Exterior Painting

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The frequency with which a homeowner updates the exterior paint can vary dramatically based on both structural issues and personal preferences. It may be tempting to complete such a project on one's own, but painting an entire home can require an extensive amount of time and energy. Additionally, the equipment and supplies needed to properly prepare and paint the structure can be costly. Colorado Springs painting contractors can often provide the support needed to select affordable materials and achieve optimum results.

The duration of a completed paint job can vary from just a few years to as long as 15 years. As the paint deteriorates over time, the underlying materials can be exposed to elements such as sun, sand, and water. The paint normally serves as a protective barrier, but blistering and other changes can lead to loss of that protection in areas. Repainting allows these vulnerabilities to be mitigated so that the home's integrity is protected over time. Although a good paint job may last for an extended period of time, many homeowners enjoy decorative changes. This may lead to an early repainting decision.

The tools and materials used for repainting can also play an important part in extending or reducing the life of the finish. Investing in high-quality paint is important for ensuring that the material will withstand the elements.

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However, color can also be an important consideration based on the climate in which the home is located. In a sunny area, darker colors can fade more quickly. A water-resistant product can be important for guarding against rain and snow damage. It is also important to consider materials that are resistant to mildew growth. The right paint and the wrong tools, however, can still result in a short-lived paint job. In handling an extensive exterior painting project, it is ideal to have reliable equipment to limit loss of materials and wasted time, especially if a sprayer will be used.

Investing in a professional paint job is ideal in certain situations. Although DIY painting can prove affordable and manageable for some, the novice can also experience health and safety challenges if there is any mishandling of equipment or if there are improper choices in materials. Errors such as overspraying can also lead to the damage of nearby items. A professional who is familiar with the area's climate and weather patterns can plan an exterior painting job to coordinate with the sun's movement through the day. Additionally, results with a licensed contractor are typically guaranteed.

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