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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About How Often Is Exterior Painting Necessary?

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Determining the best time to repaint a home's exterior is an occasional concern for homeowners. Ideally, homeowners should schedule the services of professional painters well before the house's original layer of paint peels off. Regular painting offers homeowners a chance to change the house's color and to update its appearance. Additionally, a new coat of paint ensures high curbside appeal, which will increase the home's market value. Determining how often one needs to repaint isn't an entirely straightforward decision, however. Local climate, house material, paint quality and other factors all influence how long each paint job should last. Most Colorado Springs painting contractors can advise homeowners on a realistic time frame for repainting. Beyond their advice, the following suggestions should offer some direction.

Experts vary widely in their advice of how often to repaint a home's exterior. Some recommend painting as often as every five years, while others allow up to 15 years to elapse between paint jobs. In reality, it's hardly surprising that the estimates vary so much. Many factors can affect the lifespan of a coat of paint.

When determining how long paint will keep its fresh appearance, the first consideration is weathering.

The painting contractors from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO would be happy to answer any question about exterior painting or water damage restoration.

For homes in a coastal area with salty air, it's normal for paint to begin fading or peeling more quickly. If a house receives lots of intense and direct sun, the paint's lifespan will also be shorter. Climates with extreme winters and hot summers cause the house's paint job to endure drastic changes in temperature, also shortening its lifespan.

Aside from weather conditions, different types and grades of paint have different lifespans. For this reason, it may be worth investing in a high grade type of paint for the next paint job. The longer lifespan of a higher quality product can pay off in the long run. Using darker paint colors can shorten the time between repainting, since dark colors result in fading that's more readily apparent. In general, oil based paints break down and fade more quickly than acrylic latex paints. Matte paints tend to suffer more damage from mildew, while glossy paints show cracks more easily. In the middle of the spectrum, satin paints are generally considered the wisest option for an appealing look over the long term.

Whether one is looking to resell his or her home, or simply wanting to update its look, regular repainting is worth the cost. Depending on the choices a homeowner makes during each paint job, it may be possible to extend the paint's lifespan appreciably.

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