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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About How To Paint Interior Walls

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When it comes to interior painting, many homeowners often want to do the job themselves. However, there is more to a successful paint job than choosing colors and applying them to the walls. Colorado Springs painting contractors know every detail of what must be done for an interior paint job to look its best and last a long time.

First, furniture must be removed from the room. If it cannot be easily removed, it can be moved to the center of the room and generously covered with plastic tarps or drop cloths.

After all the wall hangings have been removed, any holes must be repaired. If there have been smokers in the house, the walls must be thoroughly cleaned using chemical sponges.

Before the paint is applied to the walls, the windows and trim must be masked off using blue painters' tape and newspaper. Baseboards, closet doors and entryway trim must also be masked off. Switch plates must be removed, and electrical outlets and cable access plates must be masked off or have their faceplates removed. Drop cloths should be placed to protect the room's flooring, taking care to ensure that every part of the floor is covered, especially the area immediately adjacent to the walls.

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To get the paint from the cans to the walls, most homeowners are limited to paint rollers and brushes. The type of paint being applied will determine what kinds of brushes and rollers will get the job done most effectively. Oil-based paints and primers require one type while water-based paints and primers require another.

Before any color goes on the wall, a primer must be applied, especially if there was any smoke damage from cigarettes. To cover and contain cigarette odor and nicotine stains and prevent them from bleeding through the new paint, a shellac primer must be used. Unfortunately, this type of primer is difficult to apply because of its runny consistency and will take eight to 24 hours to dry. If the room is free of smoke damage, primer is not necessary. However, using a water-based primer can be helpful for enhancing the topcoat color. The water-based primer will be dry in a little as one to four hours and ready to receive the paint. Most manufacturers recommend using two coats of paint to ensure full coverage and protection. After the paint is thoroughly dry, the masking is removed, and the trim is painted using the same procedure as for the walls.

Painting a home's interior can be a tedious, time-consuming project that requires patience and attention to detail. By hiring professional painters, homeowners can get the job done more quickly and efficiently than doing it themselves.

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