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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About How To Stain Exterior Surfaces

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When contemplating staining projects, it is important to choose a quality stain. Stains are formulated for specific projects. Stains for high-traffic areas will be designed to withstand greater amounts of traffic than other areas. It is very important to select an appropriate stain to ensure long-term project success. Colorado Springs Painting Contractors will ensure the correct stain is selected and is professionally applied.

Stains can be clear or solid. The amount of pigment will determine the opacity of the stain. A darker stain will protect the surface for longer periods, but it will also obscure the natural highlights. Lighter stains will show the grain and color of the surface while darker stains will hide the grain and color but show the texture. A solid stain can be applied to previously coated surfaces because it will hide previous layers. If it is desired to retain the original color, a light stain is necessary.

It is best to begin a staining project when there are several days of dry weather ahead and three to four days of dry weather prior. Temperatures should be above 50 degrees and the necessary tools should be purchased.

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Brushes and rollers or a sprayer are needed for the application of the stain. You will also need a wire brush, sandpaper, and rags for cleaning purposes.

As with any coating, the first step in a staining project is to clean the surface. The surface should be free of contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, mold, mildew and rust. Contaminants will prevent effective adhesion of the coating to the surface. The surface should be cleaned and any damaged areas should be repaired. A thorough cleaning and a skilled application will extend the service life of the stain.

After cleaning the surface, you may want to test your selected stain in an inconspicuous area to determine if it is the desired color and opacity. It is prudent to apply the stain to all vertical surfaces first to avoid drips on sections previously completed. Also it is best to complete several boards at a time and to clean up any excess material.

The most efficient application method for stains is a sprayer or roller. A brush will be effective for application in hard to reach areas. Also ensure the stain is well mixed at all times to avoid separation. These tips along with a thorough preparation will beneficially affect the service life of the stain.

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