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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Lasting Exterior Painting Projects

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Unlike interior walls, a property's exterior surfaces must fight against cold, heat and various weather phenomena during all seasons. As time passes, exterior paint wears down. A home can literally be transformed with just a change of paint color. Colorado Springs painting contractors understand the local conditions and use superb paints for protection and gorgeous appearance over the years. Look over some of the basic steps a painter takes to get that brilliant color.

Regardless of the exterior paint's age, the surface must be cleaned and possibly stripped. Contractors survey the home to verify the right course of action. They may use a pressure washer against the walls, quickly removing chipped paint and dirt. A manual process may be necessary where workers scrape the paint surface. It's these close-up views of the surface that lead to the next step.

Exterior walls are bombarded with rain, hail, snow and other debris through the years. The wall surfaces could be dented or damaged in many ways, making a quality paint job more difficult. Contractors look over all surface areas and determine repair needs. They'll fill crevices, holes and other areas. Even some siding may need to be replaced, depending on the damage. Professionals will offer their opinion about any minor and major repairs before the painting job continues.

House painters from Avalanche & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO would be happy to answer any question about roofing or attic insulation.

Depending on the damage and wall surface, sanding normally comes next. The surface must be flat and slightly textured to hold the paint properly. Sanding also removes any leftover debris or film from the previous paint job. Contractors ensure the walls are prepared perfectly before applying any primer.

The entire exterior must be coated in primer and then color. Some contractors even add two coats of primer if a home is changing from a dark to light color choice. The primer provides a neutral color base for any final paint coats on top of it. The final paint color should ring true with primer as a base. If a house is changing from a dark brown to light yellow, leaving the primer out would only result in a final paint job appearing like a mixture of both colors.

If a homeowner doesn't see all these steps performed, it's crucial to speak up. All professionals have slightly different protocols they follow, but these steps should be completed at some point. The on-site manager should explain all procedures in detail to ensure the homeowner is comfortable with the service.

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