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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Maintaining Historical Homes' Character Through Paint

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For people who own historic homes, the original features of the house are literal treasures. Whether it's the original stained glass windows, baseboards, or plaster walls, keeping those pieces intact is what allows the house to retain its history. For homes that need a paint job to coincide with its vast history, choosing the right paint and preparation can be overwhelming. Most Colorado Springs painting contractors are able to give homeowners the right advice in regards to restoring the home's integrity through its paint job.

Paint made in the 19th century was typically created with whatever was available at the time. That means paint wasn't as regulated as it is today, so the original paint job of one home was probably completely different than the houses down the street. The paint job can even vary from room to room depending on how long it took to finish building the home. Oil based paints were almost always made with linseed oil, turpentine, lead, and color pigments. Enamel paints had natural resins added to give it a hardened, glossy texture. Homeowners then put a glaze made of linseed oil over the top to prolong the paint's life.

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Water based paints most commonly consisted of whitewash, and many homes, particularly middle and lower class homes, were painted with whitewash. Distemper was also commonly used in lower class homes because it was simply and cheaply made with water, glue, and a white pigment.

For historical homes in need of a new paint job, there are a few approaches. If the ultimate goal is preservation, then as much of the original paint as possible will be saved. Most of these old paints were quite hardy, so some homes only require a simple washing to restore the walls. In instances requiring repainting, paint can be made to match the original paint's color. For restorations, the home is to look like its original state. Paint should be chosen to match the period of the home's historical significance. If it's in the homeowner's budget, paint analyses can be performed to see exactly what the paint was made of to recreate a near identical sample (minus dangerous products like lead). This will ensure the final product not only matches the original paint's surface and texture but also the exact color.

Preserving the original character of a historic home is very important. While it might seem like saving original fixtures should be more significant, the right paint will give the home the final touches it needs to blossom into its former glory.

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