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Painting and repainting is part of home ownership. When moving into a new home, chances are that homeowners will want to change some of the paint colors to suit their tastes. In addition, homeowners may want to repaint over time to update the house's look. Whether the house is in need of a fresh color, or simply requires touch ups to worn looking walls, the entire project should not be attempted by homeowners. Like any other form of home repair or decoration, the cost of painting will depend on the quality of the paint, the painters' experience and the scope of the project. However, if expenses are limited, there are always alternate methods for getting good deals.

The paint itself is the first factor in determining the price of a painting project. While opting for inexpensive paint lowers the up front costs, it can also result in a shorter lifespan for the paint job. Homeowners may also find that additional coats of cheaper paint are required to achieve a uniform appearance and rich color. On the other hand, investing in expensive paints may pay off if the home's exterior requires fewer coats. Most Colorado Springs painting contractors are glad to offer multiple options for the painting project.

The painters from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO would be happy to answer any questions about water damage restoration or attic insulation.

Professional painters rarely advise using truly bottom of the barrel paints, but they can typically advise on options at a few different price points.

The finish of paint also influences its coverage ability and overall price. Flat paints contain more pigment per volume than high gloss paints. As a result, homeowners can usually get more coverage out of a can of flat paint than a glossy one. If homeowners can deal with the unforgiving nature of flat paint and its resistance to cleaning, choosing a matte finish could pay off in the long run.

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when approaching a big painting project is to assume they will save money by doing the project themselves. Certainly, "do it yourself" projects spare homeowners the cost of paying professionals for their labor. However, especially for larger and more challenging projects, it typically takes amateurs far longer than the professionals to wash surfaces, sand and prepare them, paint multiple coats and to clean up after the task is done. Plus, attempting to handle the job on one's own requires that homeowners purchase all the necessary tools and materials. When estimating expenses, be sure to include a generous estimate of how much of personal time will have to be invested in the project if opting to handle everything without the assistance of professionals. In many cases, going with a reliable professional ends up paying off, even for those with modest budgets.

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