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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Mitigating VOC Exposure With New Paint

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VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are present in most conventional paints. Historically, these substances have been used in paints as solvents. Because they evaporate readily, they leave behind pigment and binders while making it possible for paint to dry. However, the presence of VOCs in the air has also been linked to multiple serious health maladies, including certain cancers, as well as kidney and liver diseases. Therefore, many homeowners are choosing to use low VOC or no VOC paints instead of conventional kinds of paint. If homeowners are concerned about the VOCs present in the paint currently on their walls, a new paint job may be in everyone's best interest. Reputable Colorado Springs painting contractors should be able to advise homeowners on the relative risks of the paint currently in the home and on paints that offer a better alternative.

The problem with VOCs in paint is that they continue to evaporate into the air continuously over time. In other words, well after the paint has dried, the occupants of a home with VOC rich paint may suffer the consequences. According to some estimates, just 50 percent of all VOC off gassing happens within the first year. The rest takes place gradually over the following years.

While little conclusive evidence demonstrates exactly how long paint continues to give off VOCs, most industry estimates put the figure between three and five years.

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Therefore, paint jobs that are already more than five years old are unlikely to cause substantial harm. On the other hand, a recent paint job done with conventional paint could continue to hurt homeowners' quality of life.

When dealing with walls painted in VOC heavy conventional paint, homeowners often wonder whether they should be concerned about continuing off gassing and what they can do about it. If the paint is less than five years old, it may still be giving off VOCs. Simply adding a new coat of no VOC paint won't necessarily help, as the old VOCs can still leak through the new coat of paint. The safest solution is to remove the old paint and then repaint with a low or no VOC alternative. On the other hand, if the paint is more than five years old, it's unlikely to continue emitting any VOCs. Recovering it with no VOC paint is a safe move.

As VOCs receive more scientific attention, findings point to a formerly unrecognized degree of risk. Luckily, the paint industry is responding to rising concerns with a growing selection of low VOC and no VOC alternatives.

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