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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Oil Based Paints and Latex Paints

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Homeowners who are interested in working with Colorado Springs painting contractors should learn about the different types of paint that may be used for any project. Usually, there are many factors that will help determine what type of paint should be used, and the choices for many painting professionals will come down to two distinct types of paint: latex and oil based. Both latex and oil based paints can provide the job with different advantages and disadvantages. Though they are meant to be used to the same end, there are specific considerations that professionals will make in order to choose the right product for the job.

The vast majority of the liquid portion of latex paints is made with water, which provides unique advantages over oil based paints. Latex is usually easier for professionals to work with. It dries quicker, which means that it can be used for interior projects, and there will not be a very long wait time to deal with. Latex paints are also advantageous because they do not yellow over time, which means that they are easier to clean up over the lifetime of the surface.

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Studies also show that this type of paint is better for the environment as there are less harmful chemicals used in its composition.

Modern oil based paints are typically made with linseed oils or alkyd oils with the latter more often used for its durability. Oil based paints offer many advantages in terms of their appearance. They go on much smoother over the surface, and their distinct look allows them to cover more area in a single coat. This makes these paints ideal for covering over rougher surfaces. While they take longer to dry, they are more durable once they do. As a result, they can hold up better in high traffic areas and places that frequently deal with different types of environmental erosion.

While most indoor painting jobs are done with latex paints, an oil based paint will usually be applied to the trim around doors, windows and walls as these sections of the home deal with much more wear and tear and need to be protected as appropriate. Oil based paints are also more frequently used for wooden surfaces, and if a latex paint is considered for the same surface, sanding and priming is absolutely necessary. Latex paints are often chosen for their ability to stand against sun exposure while providing the homeowner with a better degree of color retention overall.

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