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Though not as popular today as it was during the housing boom following World War II, there are still millions of homes across the United States that use aluminum siding. While some homeowners upgraded and replaced the metal with vinyl siding, others still have the original metal siding in place. As removing those pieces is expensive, it's not surprising that so many homeowners want to know if they can paint the siding rather than replace it. Colorado Springs painting contractors know that painting is a better solution than removal and replacement, but they want local homeowners to know that professionals can do a better job than they can do on their own.

While painting aluminum siding might seem as easy as slapping on a few coats of paint, cleaning the siding is actually the first step. Toxins and pollutants from the environment can stain the metal and leave behind dark areas in the final coat of paint. Homeowners may also find that dirt, tree leaves and other trash are stuck to the sides of their homes. Cleaning the siding with a pressure washer or warm water and sponges provides a smooth surface for the primer.

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As with other types of surfaces, aluminum siding requires a protective coat of primer before the paint. An oil-based primer is the best product for metal. Latex can interact with the metal and cause corrosion or other problems, but an oil-based primer goes on smooth and hides any stains or discolorations on the metal. Most professional contractors use a paint sprayer for a smoother finish, but some may apply the primer with a sponge roller. The siding will usually require a minimum of two coats, but some darker shades of aluminum may require more coats. Painters can use a tinted primer that matches the color of the paint to lessen the number of coats needed.

No one likes to sit around and wait for paint to dry, but it is a necessary step. Most contractors apply the primer one day and wait a complete 24 hours before applying the paint. They typically pour the paint into a paint sprayer and stand a few feet back from the house, which gives them more control over the spray. They use a simple back and forth motion to apply an even coating to the siding. It may take two or more coats of paint to completely cover the home. Professionals will also take the time to look for any smudges or other mistakes before leaving the job site.

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