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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Painting Cost Factors

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Colorado Springs painting contractors take into account many different elements when estimating the cost of an interior paint job. When a homeowner is interested in hiring a contractor for a painting project, it is wise to get multiple estimates from multiple contractors. However, before a homeowner commits to this process they may want to do their own estimation in order to get a ballpark idea of costs and to establish a budget. This will allow the homeowner to get an idea of what to expect as far as price is concerned. The following factors are what professional contractors look at when estimating a paint job. Using these factors will help a homeowner to determine a ballpark price from which they can create a budget.

The first step professional contractors take when estimating a paint project is to determine how much paint the job will need. To do this they calculate the area of a room. After determining the overall area, the painter must subtract the non-paintable areas such as windows and doors. To figure out these numbers the professional will find the area of the windows and doors and then subtract them from the overall area of the room. Once a final number has been reached, it's important to add a little bit to it to ensure that enough paint is purchased to make up for spills or unexpected needs.

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When determining an estimate, professional painters take into account several other factors. The size and intricacy of the home to be painted has a lot to do with overall cost. For example, a small home that has equally sized rooms and windows is far easier to paint than a house with skylights and tons of crown molding or trim. These factors must be considered and accounted for when determining overall cost because they will add to the labor of the painting project.

Another often overlooked aspect is the texture on the walls. A smooth finish is far easier and requires less paint to cover than a textured wall. Depending on the type of texture, a professional painter will usually add around 300 square feet to the overall amount of paint they purchase in order to account for the increase in surface area caused by the texture.

The speed of the painter must be taken into account as well. A more experienced painting crew will be able to paint a room faster than an inexperienced team. Homeowners should ask about experience when interviewing different contractors.

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