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Most people don't realize it, but painting can be dangerous work. There are not only hazards posed by working on a ladder, but also the dangers that come from exposure to paint fumes and other chemicals used in the preparation of surfaces to receive paint. Homeowners who want to paint their own homes can follow certain safety procedures to lessen their chances of being injured or sickened while painting their homes.

When preparing a house for painting, old paint must often be scraped off. Houses built before 1978 may have many layers of paint, some of which may contain lead. In this case, precautions must be taken to keep lead particles from being breathed in. Ingesting lead can lead to serious nervous disorders, kidney damage and reproductive problems for both sexes. Children are especially vulnerable to lead exposure. If lead paint is known to be part of the house being painted, it is best to leave the repainting to experienced Colorado Springs Painting Contractors who have access to respirators and systems designed to capture even the smallest particles.

All paints contain chemicals, called VOCs, that are given off as the paint dries. However, some types and formulations have more than others. Some VOCs are suspected carcinogens. When choosing a paint, read the label to see which ones have the lowest VOC emissions.

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That said, it is sometimes necessary to use a paint or a primer that is high in VOCs. In those cases, homeowners must use a respirator and ventilate the room being painted extremely well. Additionally, all sources of fire or spark must be avoided while painting with high VOC paints, such as oil-based paints and primers. There have been cases reported where poorly ventilated rooms which contained paint fumes exploded when someone lit up a cigarette.

Working on a ladder can be dangerous. According to Liberty Mutual Insurance, 137,000 individuals visit an emergency room every year because of ladder-related incidents. When working on a ladder, a homeowner should never be the only one at home. Before using the ladder, it should be inspected. If it is an extension ladder, the hooks should reliably catch on the rungs to prevent it from collapsing. Ensure that self-leveling feet are functional. When working outside, a scaffolding is much more stable, but reasonable care must be taken to ensure the homeowner's safety, especially when working near the roofline. Fatalities from ladder falls usually number in the hundreds each year.

Many people choose to paint their own home in order to save money. However, the cost of hiring a professional painter is far less than the cost of an average trip to the emergency room or hospital stay. Perhaps the money would be better spent hiring out the job to professionals who have the knowledge, equipment and tools to keep themselves safe.

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