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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Preventing Water Damage To A Roof

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When the rain falls, homeowners expect their roofs to keep its inhabitants safe and dry. However, as roofs age or withstand the elements through the years, weak spots that let the water in can begin to form. If these weak spots are not fixed or taken care of quickly, the moisture and water that enters the home could cause damage. While a Colorado Springs Painting Contractors are experts that can always assist with timely damage repairs, there are certain things that homeowners can look out for or inspect to prevent as much water damage as possible.

No matter how well maintained a home may be, there is always a risk of water damage. However, if leaks and other weak spots in the roof are found quickly, an expert can repair any damage before the problem spreads. While a homeowner may not be able to assess the roof directly, they can look for certain symptoms of water damage, including damp areas within the ceilings, walls and in the basement or crawl spaces, the presence of mold or mildew and evidence or termites or carpenter ants.

Another way for homeowners to prevent serious water damage is to routinely inspect their drainage systems to ensure that everything is working properly. For example, homeowners will want to make sure that their gutters are clean and clog-free; clogged gutters could cause water to flow back onto the roof and seep through the shingles into the wood structure below.

A house painter from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs would be happy to answer any question about attic insulation or water damage restoration.

The downspouts should keep water away approximately five to 10 feet away from the foundation. A handy homeowner can routinely clean out their gutters and perform any repairs, though an expert can also get the job done quickly.

Finally, homeowners with basements may wish to test their sump pumps to ensure that, should water come in through the roof, any water that makes it to the basement is removed. Sump pumps can be tested by simply filling the pit with water and watching the levels. If the levels fall, the sump pump is working properly. If the sump pump is not working properly and water enters into the basement, mold and mildew may take hold in the drywall or any possessions, causing serious, expensive damage.

If a homeowner sees any signs that may indicate that water damage has occurred in the home, it is recommended that they contact an expert as soon as possible. Additionally, it is always recommended that homeowners arrange yearly inspections of their roof to catch any problems before any damage actually occurs.

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