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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Professional Painters' Tricks Of The Trade

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Many homeowners attempt to save a few dollars by painting their homes themselves. However, in most cases, hiring a professional allows homeowners to enjoy a much better finished product for just a little more money. Like any professional tradesman, a qualified painter is familiar with time saving techniques that ensure a clean finish. In addition, professionals can make use of an array of tools and materials that would prove too costly for an inexperienced painter to acquire for just one painting project. When working with qualified professional Colorado Springs painting contractors, homeowners can expect painting jobs to be completed with at least a few of these industry tricks.

One of the strategies that professional painters use for larger projects is known as "boxing." Essentially, each individual can of paint is mixed to produce a desired color. Even when highly precise instrumentation is used, there is some chance of a slight color variation from one paint can to the next. For projects involving multiple paint cans, a professional will personally mix together all of the paint intended for the project. As a result, the finished job is uniform in color.

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While one might imagine painters spending an afternoon with a paint roller in hand, the reality is that painters invest a lot of time in the preparation phase. Before putting a single stroke of paint on the walls, painters devote a lot of attention to creating a smooth and clean surface. Only when the wall is ideally smooth does an even paint job become possible. It's a standard industry practice to sand the walls using fine grit sandpaper mounted on a pole and to sand trim elements with a sanding sponge.

Many homeowners are familiar with the use of primer prior to painting. Setting this first layer of primer ensures that the final finish is even. Otherwise, when paint is applied over joint compound, for example, the paint will have a slightly more matte appearance that can create a different effect from the desired color scheme. Most professional painters opt for colored primer, choosing either gray or a shade close to the final paint color. As a result, they can produce an attractive final look with fewer coats of paint.

In addition to skillfully preparing the work area and carefully mixing the paint, professional painters employ a whole range of techniques during the actual painting process. Inexperienced homeowners can get a few tips by watching the professionals, and investing in a proper paint job is by far the simplest way of ensuring top quality work.

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