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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Prolonging The Life Of Exterior Paint

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The weather can really wreak havoc on a home's exterior paint job. Whether it's freezing snow or scorching sun, paint takes a beating from Mother Nature. Hiring experienced Colorado Springs Painting Contractors means the job will hold up quite well in the Colorado weather changes, but there are things homeowners can do to help prolong the life of an exterior paint job.

Every year, a homeowner should closely inspect their home's paint as the weather starts to turn warm. As paint ages, it will start to chip, bubble or peel. The trim around the windows, doors, corners and siding joints should also be inspected for any paint degradation. Bare spots or lifting paint are indicative of potentially requiring a touch-up or a completely new paint job. If loose paint can be removed easily with a paint scraper, that means it's loose enough to allow water behind it, which can lead to leaks or water damage.

Wet, humid weather can lead to mildew or algae growing on exterior paint. If a homeowner notices black spots appearing on the paint's surface, it can't just be wiped away and/or painted over; it has to be treated to thoroughly eradicate it.

An Avalanche & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO house painter would be happy to answer any question about roofing or water damage restoration.

A bleach solution of one part bleach to four parts water can kill any mildew growth, but algae need to be treated with a powerful algaecide. A quick rinse with water means the area is ready to be painted over if there's any staining left behind from the mildew.

Sometimes paint just needs to be cleaned. A high-pressure washer should never be used on a painted surface unless it's being handled by a professional painter because it can damage the finish and lead to problems with the underlying material. A spray with a garden hose with normal water pressure and a brush is enough to loosen any dirt and restore the paint to its original appearance. This should be done at least twice a year as dirt and chemicals that settle into the paint can eat away at the finish and require more frequent touch-ups or frequent replacements.

While gutters aren't necessarily related to a home's paint job, they can damage paint if they are packed with leaves and debris and consistently overflow. As the water drips down the side, it can leave drip marks or water stains. If there are any plans to paint the gutters to match the house, those will need to be cleaned before they can be painted as well.

A professional paint job will ensure the home looks crisp and clean for many years to come. With routine maintenance, homeowners can help prolong the life of their exterior paint job.

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