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Color affects more than just the aesthetics of a home. Research suggests that the color of a room's walls can affect mood, relaxation and productivity. Exterior painting has a huge effect on the curb appeal and resale value of a home. With so much riding on the paint job, check out Colorado Springs painting contractors, and hire a professional. Anybody with a brush and a bucket can slap paint on the walls, but a true professional will turn a house into a work of art. So what sets the pros apart?

To begin with, a professional contractor will be happy to come out and give a free estimate. Established contractors have the experience necessary to accurately assess the cost involved in any project. This means they will stand by their price once the work is completed. Another thing established professionals will keep handy are customer testimonials. Any good local business lives on word-of-mouth advertising. If they are worth the money, they will have no trouble producing some past success stories to prove it.

A professional paint job requires good materials and a good process. Top-tier painters will use top-quality products. Some less scrupulous contractors use the cheapest base paint available to save money. The color may be the same, but the difference will become more and more obvious over time.

An Avalanche & Exteriors of Colorado Springs CO house painter would be happy to answer any question about exterior painting or water damage restoration.

Ask any potential painters what brands they use, and check to make sure the buckets match the bill.

Using quality paint is a good start, but once the job begins, a contractor's skill becomes evident even before the first brushstroke. Proper prep work is the difference in a great result and a mediocre one. The best painters will spend as much time as it takes to smooth out imperfections in the surface to assure the paint takes properly. Masking around trim, windows, doors and other obstructions is another good sign. Crisp paint lines with no drips, smudges or overspray will be the reward for a little extra work on the front end.

Perusing perfection once the paint is dry is the final aspect of a true professional. Great contractors will almost obsessively go back over each surface checking for drips, runs or any other imperfections. They can sand these problem areas down and add another coat. Finding a painting contractor who puts their heart into every job will make the whole process much more enjoyable. Painting is all about the details, so find a contractor who pays attention to them.

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