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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About Surface Preparation For Painting

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The durability of paint is highly dependent on surface preparation. Most failures of painting jobs are directly attributable to incorrect or lack of surface preparation. Methods vary according to surface, but they generally consist of removing foreign matter and ensuring the surface will benefit the adhesion of the coating. A coating that does not adhere correctly will peel and require additional maintenance or complete replacement. Correct preparation will improve adhesion of the paint, promoting durability.

There are many types of paint-able surfaces such as wood, concrete, steel and aluminum. These surfaces have one factor in common: They require protection from adverse environmental factors. The type of surface preparation will depend on the material, the environment, the desired coating and its durability. The most common type of coating is paint. Colorado Springs painting contractors will ensure the appropriate method of surface preparation and the correct selection of paint.

It is not necessary to always remove old coatings before painting. If an existing coating is serviceable, it can be retained but must be cleaned. Foreign matter such as dirt, grease, rust and mold should be removed. Any sealers should be removed, and gloss finishes should be rendered dull by washing and sanding. Gloss finishes, by their nature, are not beneficial for adhesion.

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Adhesion requires a rough surface. Any bare areas should be coated with an appropriate primer. It is important to note that any task short of total removal of old coatings may have the ability to affect the durability of the paint.

For any paint to provide maximum service life, it is imperative to perform a preventive maintenance program. The paint should be inspected at regular intervals, and all oil, grease and other contaminants should be removed. Damaged areas should be repaired and repainted. Unless an area is exposed to severe contaminates such as corrosive chemicals, it should be inspected annually to keep risk of failure to a minimum. High-risk areas should be inspected every six months or sooner if required. Diligence in preparation and maintenance will extend the service life of a painted surface.

The durability of any protective coating is directly affected by surface preparation. Surfaces must be correctly prepared to ensure that a homeowner's investment lasts as long as possible. All outside and inside surfaces of a home should be protected with coatings such as paints and stains. These coatings not only protect the surfaces but also enhance the beauty of the structure and increase its value.

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