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People who purchase old homes typically want to keep the house's original features, including the paint. Making it too modern detracts from the home's history, but it's accepted among restoration circles that an older home still has to be functional in a modern world. When homeowners are debating how to pick the right kind of paint for their properties, they might be overwhelmed with their choices. Consulting with Colorado Springs painting contractors will help make the choice easier when homeowners are educated on everything that's available to them.

It's possible to replicate historic paints, but this can be expensive and time consuming. Most homeowners don't have this in their budget, especially when they're updating major components like the electrical and plumbing systems, so they have to stick to modern paints. Modern paints are safer, particularly for families with small children. Many companies make paint colors that are very close or identical to historic paint colors and gloss levels, which is especially important in Victorian or Craftsman homes.

Oil based or alkyd paints are closely related to the oil based paints of yesterday because they contain linseed oil. However, to make the paint last longer, they also contain synthesized oils so the paint discolors less and dries harder. Homeowners can get formulas that dry with a very high sheen and in deep colors.

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The only downside is they are very high in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which makes them illegal in some parts of the United States.

Acrylic waterborne paints, or latex, are easy to clean and dry quickly. More brands are offering colors to suit historic tones while suffering very little color loss over time, which is a common problem with dark, rich colors. For homes with extensive whitewashing, calcimine paints can still be purchased. They're extremely similar to the original whitewashes but have a better texture.

Glazes were used in almost all painted homes, so many homeowners are left searching for the right glaze for their new paint jobs. The old glazes were made with turpentine, but glazes of today are made using a water base. Before choosing a glaze over a high gloss enamel paint, professional painters should be consulted. Glazes provide more protection to various surfaces and lend a more authentic feel.

History comes alive in homes that are carefully restored and allowed to keep their original charm. Paint might seem like a small part of an old home's restoration, but it will truly put the finishing touches on any home.

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