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After the Colorado Springs painting contractors paint the walls in a home, one needs to start thinking of how to maintain the walls and extend the life of the paint job. There are a few simple things that can be done. The two most important things that must be done regularly are dusting and washing with water and solution.

Dusting walls is a pretty straightforward task. It can seem daunting at first with the amount of wall space in any given home, but it can be fairly simple provided it isn't allowed to build up. The soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner can be used to get the major dust off the walls. A microfiber cloth sprayed with a dusting agent on the end of a long-handled broom can be used to get the finer particles. It is best to avoid using a lot of water. Don't forget to get the ceiling. Airborne dust collects there.

To wash the walls, use a homemade detergent solution that will clean the walls without stripping the paint. Some of the common household items that are used are ammonia, vinegar, baking soda and dish detergent mixed with water.

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Different types of paint require different solutions, so be sure to use the right solution for latex or oil-based paint. A good spot cleaner is a baking soda paste, and tough spots like crayon, oil, and fingerprints can be removed using an eraser sponge that is designed to remove difficult surface stains.

Before washing any wall with water or solution, be sure to test wash an inconspicuous place on the wall. If the paint chalks off on the sponge or cloth, don't wash that paint. It could dull it or remove it completely. Lay down towels or newspaper to catch water drips and wear gloves to keep dirty water off the hands and arms. Work in sections from top to bottom alternating between the soapy sponge to wash and a clean wet sponge to rinse. Each sponge should have its own bucket as it is very important to use clean, clear water to rinse. Use a circular motion in order to keep from damaging the paint. Once a section is clean, it should be wiped with a soft, clean cloth. Caution should always be used when cleaning around switches or electrical fixtures.

It is not always necessary to clean whole rooms. Sometimes, cleaning the high-traffic areas such as around switches, thermostats and doors can be sufficient for short term.

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