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When choosing the best paint for a house, homeowners should be aware of the types of paint that can be used. Colorado Springs painting contractors can help homeowners choose between the different types of paint with an educated suggestion based on the climate and location of the home. While there are many different types of paint, it all boils down to the two broad categories of oil- and water-based paint.

The most common forms water-based paints are acrylic and latex, which does not actually contain any latex and is hypoallergenic. The name latex comes from the appearance of the paint that is similar to latex, but is actually a synthetic polymer. Acrylic is usually better than latex paint because it is more durable and offers better adhesion. Latex paint is typically cheaper than acrylic and works better indoors because of its stronger color appearance. Whatever the type of water-based paint is chosen, it is easy to clean and usually dries quickly. Cleaning walls painted with water-based paint only requires water and some soap. However, water-based paint is not durable and often requires frequent repainting. It is usually cheaper, but must be touched up more often, which could contribute to a higher price over the long term.

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Oil-based paint takes longer to dry than does water-based paint. However, the finished product of oil paint is much more durable, which leads to less touch ups. The main downside of an oil base, aside from the drying time, is the fact that it is harder to clean. Cleaning the house usually requires chemicals such as paint thinner. Oil-based paint is often called enamel because of its hardness and durability. This type of paint is best for a homeowner who is unwilling to put in the time and effort to care for water-based paint. The homeowner must be willing to wait for their new paint coat to dry.

Whether oil- or water-based paint is chosen comes down to the drying time. Oil takes longer than water to dry, but water has less durability. Whatever type is chosen, a homeowner should make sure that the primer he or she uses with the paint is always of the same base. For oil-based, use oil-based primer and vice versa. A general rule to remember this is to use like with like when painting. Using an oil-based primer with a water-based paint will make an emulsion which is difficult to clean and remove without the use of harsh chemicals. Whichever the owner chooses to stick with will surely leave them happy in the long run.

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