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Colorado Springs Painting Contractors: Article About What Paint Primer Is

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Primer is a specialty paint product that is designed to allow finishing paint to adhere stronger to the surface that is being painted over. It is often chosen because primer can help paint adhere to surfaces that would not have otherwise accepted the paint as efficiently. Colorado Springs painting contractors will frequently use primers because these substances do not have to be engineered to have finished surfaces. This means that the primers can be optimized to have stronger binding properties with the surfaces over which they are laid.

Because of such specializations, there are many different kinds of primers available, and each one is designed with different properties to allow them to adhere to all types of surfaces better. There are primers specifically designed for wood and primers specifically designed for metal, and choosing the right variety can help contractors with the quality of their project. Primers may also be tinted in order to match the finishing paint. The right primer tone can allow contractors to save on time and resources by helping them avoid applying extra paint layers to create a deeper color.

Typically, primer is used to paint over porous materials, such as concretes and certain types of wood. Most professionals opt to use a primer when they know that the material is not water resistant and will be exposed to the elements.

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For this reason, priming is almost always mandatory for outdoors applications, such as in the case of siding. Certain materials such as gypsum and other types of drywall are often primed as a standard practice. This helps seal in the wall's pores and make sure that mold and moisture do not penetrate its depths.

While primers are an efficient option in most painting projects, they need to be skillfully applied in order to maximize their benefits. There is usually a maximum time frame after which the topcoat should be applied on top of the primer. This time frame can range from as little as one day to as long as two weeks based on the nature of the project and the desired effects. If the paint is not applied within the desired time frame, there may be performance issues in the future. Because every type of primer is different, professionals will always be sure to check what the project needs before they go ahead with the primer's application. Homeowners will always be able to learn more when they ask the professionals about the materials they plan on using.

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