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Many people have heard that paint darkens as it dries. After studying color samples, homeowners are often surprised at the color of the first strokes of paint applied to the fresh wall. Happily, the paint should come to match the color of the paint chips by the time it dries. On the other hand, from the time that the paint first dries, its color will continue to change over time, gradually shifting away from the exact shade of the paint chip.

When painting a room or the exterior of a house, homeowners sometimes have difficulty guessing how the color of a tiny paint chip will look when it covers whole walls. Usually, Colorado Springs painting contractors can offer some counsel. In addition, it's often possible to purchase small samples of a given paint color in order to paint a section of wall and make a better decision. Even the most discerning selection of a precise color will eventually be thwarted as the paint color fades over time in response to sunlight or weathering.

The reason that paint changes color as it dries is related to the way that the paint's surface reflects light. Essentially, when paint is wet, it has an extremely smooth surface. As it dries, the paint surface becomes more textured. This difference in texture at the microscopic level determines how light rays bounce off of the paint and are received by the eyes.

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The more textured surface of dried paint makes observers see a slightly darker color. In fact, the same principle accounts for the difference between flat and high gloss paints. Flat paint is not actually flat at all but much more textured whereas high gloss paint contains substances that allow it to dry more slowly, resulting in a smoother surface even after drying.

Microscopic differences in texture determine the way paint changes color as it dries. On the other hand, paint color changes over time due to other factors. A measure of quality paint is its ability to retain the same color over time. However, particularly in the case of exterior paint jobs, it's common for exposure to sunlight to cause paint to gradually fade. Also known as chalking, this change in color particularly affects bright reds, blues, and yellows.

Since paint changes color as it dries and then can continue to change with time, many homeowners are surprised when they attempt to retouch walls with the same paint years later. In many cases, the best way to get the exact color over the whole area is simply to repaint the entire wall.

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