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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gutter Guards

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For many homeowners, cleaning the gutters is often viewed as a chore. Not only is the job often dangerous as it requires a ladder, but homeowners who are heavy handed may accidentally damage their gutter system. However, if these systems are not routinely cleaned, they could overflow after becoming clogged with leaf litter and other debris. To prevent this, some companies have manufactured gutter guards. While purchasing and installing gutter guards may seem like a no-brainer, there are advantages and disadvantages to using these home improvement items. For those who are unsure if gutter guards are right for their gutter system, a Colorado Springs roofing contractor can help.

There are five main types of gutter guards: mesh, reserve curve, bottle brush, nylon and foam gutter guards. All five types cover the gutter in a way that allows water to enter the gutters but not debris. The type of gutter guard the homeowner may be interested in depends on the existing gutter system and the budget.

Gutter guards in general have a number of advantages that make them appealing to homeowners. For example, they can be installed directly over an existing gutter system. They do reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance the gutter system may require. Because they do not become clogged as easily, the gutter system will last longer.

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Some gutter systems even have a heating feature, which could keep ice dams from forming on the roof in the winter.

Many homeowners believe that once a gutter guard is installed, they will no longer have to maintain their gutter system. In fact, this is biggest drawback. Debris will still collect on top of the gutter guard and will need to be routinely removed. However, the guards will reduce the frequency of needed cleanings. Further, if gutter with a gutter guard does clog, it can be much more difficult to flush that clog out.

There are a few other cons when it comes to gutter guards. They can be expensive to install and are easily damaged. If the gutter guard is too heavy for the existing gutter system, the gutters could sag or even break, resulting in leaks. Finally, gutter guards are less likely to be effective on homes that have a steep roof as the water may simply overshoot the guard.

Due to their disadvantages, gutter guards may not be recommended for every home. A roofing contractor may know if a home would benefit from having a gutter guard system installed and which type of gutter guard may be most effective.

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