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A leak in the roof of a home is no laughing matter. In very little time, even the smallest of leaks can cause structural damage or lead to unhealthy mold growth. It's best if homeowners act fast when they discover roof leaks. Waiting and ignoring the problem can lead to expensive repairs and frustration. Fortunately, a Colorado Springs roofing company can be called to evaluate the problem, or a homeowner can go through a few steps to see if they can discover where the leak has sprung.

Finding a leak may be difficult. Obviously, if the property owner sees or hears dripping water, that may be a sign of a troubling leak. Unfortunately, not all leaks are as easy as this to spot. Some may be hiding behind a floor, ceiling or wall that is damp or wet. Other signs to look for when locating leaks can be peeling paint, bulges, discolored areas or stained patches. If a homeowner smells an odor that is musty, that may also indicate that a problem is present.

The attic is another key area that should be investigated for leaks. With high powered flashlights, homeowners can inspect the structure that makes up the top of the attic.

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When searching, they should look for areas that are dripping, musty or wet. After completing these inspections, homeowners may find a specific location where they think that a leak is coming from. The next step will be to climb on top of the roof and spray the potential leaky area with a garden hose. A partner should wait inside of the home to see if any water permeates the roof and flows inside.

To pinpoint the specific spot where roof integrity is compromised, it may be necessary to remove shingles. This step may be a little drastic, but it will definitely expose the area where water is entering a dwelling. Underneath the shingles where a water leak is wreaking havoc, there will be water stains as well as the occurrence of rot. Once the leak has been found, it will be time to determine the cause of the problem. Improper sealing around structures such as chimneys can be one cause. Also, roof vents often plagued with cracked or rusty seams are often found to be the problem.

While these steps for finding a roof leak are general guidelines for homeowners, they cannot replace the professional help that a specialized roofing home contractor can provide. A trained and certified roofing specialist can offer free estimates and emergency service.

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