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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About Consequences Of A Roof Leak

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To the average homeowner, discovering a leak in the roof is something of a nightmare scenario. Of course, panicking never helps the situation. However, it would be quite accurate to characterize a leaking roof as one of the most critical issues that could happen to a home. In its simplest form, a building is designed to protect an interior space from the elements. Once the roof begins to leak, the entire structure has been compromised. By engaging a qualified Colorado Springs roofing company to make regular inspections, it's possible to reduce the likelihood of major roof leaks. In addition, keeping an eye on one's own roof can go a long way.

The most obvious damage of a leaking roof is quickly seen: mold and mildew growth. Mold can grow in both visible and invisible areas of the home, making it difficult to remedy the situation without exhaustive cleaning and replacement work. In serious cases, homeowners may need to tear out carpeting, wallpaper or drywall, and HVAC system elements. Even if the mold problem is limited to the attic area, it can quickly spread throughout the home, traveling through the HVAC ducts.

Not only does mold and mildew growth damage the home, it can trigger various health issues. Black mold is sometimes toxic and regularly grows in homes with excess moisture.

A roofing contractor from Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs can answer any question about attic insulation or water damage restoration.

Mold and mildew of all kinds can aggravate symptoms in individuals with nasal congestion, asthma, allergies, rhinitis and other respiratory issues.

Aside from the mold and mildew growth that it allows, the presence of moisture can itself be a threat. Moisture near electrical wiring can cause fire threats. Puddling water can cause a higher risk of slipping and falling. Perhaps most seriously, the accumulation of water over time can damage the structural integrity of the home. Wood can rot over time, losing its strength. Ceiling tiles, softened by moisture, can simply fall to the ground, a hazard to those dwelling beneath them. In addition, the paint on the ceiling, walls, and in the attic will begin to darken, bubble or warp. Ceiling mounted light fixtures or fans may also lose some of their structural integrity due to water accumulation.

Given all of the consequences of a leaky roof, there's no time like the present to start scheduling regular inspections. In addition, as a homeowner, there are many steps that can reduce the roof's risk of leaking. Learn the telltale signs of leaks and poor roofing integrity, and inspect the attic regularly, especially after major rainstorms or snowstorms.

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