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Energy bills can be frustrating to homeowners who are dealing with tight budgets, and home performance is an important area to investigate if high bills need to be reduced. Although much attention is focused on a home's HVAC system when energy waste is evaluated, the roofing system is also an important area to consider. Energy-efficient roofing can reduce HVAC activity by minimizing the loss heated or cooled air. A Colorado Springs roofing contractor can be helpful in inspecting an existing system and creating strategies for improved efficiency.

The exterior portion of a roofing system can play a major role in a home's heat gain. Darker colors tend to absorb heat, meaning that roofing materials such as dark asphalt can trap heat in a home, adding to energy loads and increasing bills. Statistics indicate that more than $40 billion is spent on air conditioning needs throughout the nation each year, but cool roofing products can result in a reduction of 10 to 15 percent in this usage. Reflective coatings or materials can be part of such a solution, minimizing the heat that is transferred into the home during the summer months.

The attic is another area to consider in reviewing home energy performance. The attic may be below the actual roof, but it is considered to be part of the roofing system.

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Air movement and attic insulation are both factors that are considered in evaluating the energy usage of a home. Insulation serves as a barrier to heat being transferred into or out of the living space below. Higher R-values are used to reduce heat transfer between the spaces. It is often possible to supplement existing insulation by adding more material. However, too much insulation can result in the overheating of the attic. Vented soffits allow proper ventilation as air moves through the attic to keep the roofing system from overheating. It is important to keep vented soffits clear of debris and other obstructions.

An old roofing system may result in poor home energy performance despite cool coatings. Additionally, poor maintenance of a roofing system can contribute to poor home performance results. It is important to inspect one's roof at the end of a major heating or cooling season for damage. It is also important to check for damage after major storms. Professional maintenance allows a homeowner to address problems promptly. This also makes it possible to plan for a roofing upgrade. As an upgrade or replacement is considered, high-efficiency goals can be addressed.

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