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The material used to manufacture a home's shingles depends on several variables, the most important of these conditions being the pitch of the home's roof. The roof pitch is the amount of slope a roof has from its peak to the perimeter surrounding the house, and it's measured as a ratio of its height to its width in much the same way that line segments in geometry are defined by the ratio of rise over run. When a home is constructed, the material to be used for the shingles is chosen first so that the pitch of the roof can be measured; it's generally not possible to install a different type of roof on an existing home.

In older times, roofs posed a major fire hazard because they were made from aged organic materials, particularly wood, but in modern times, shingles are usually made from a synthetic fiberglass compound that is rated for fire safety and provides protection from rain through its long-chain petroleum hydrocarbons.

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These materials tend to wear down over the course of about 20 years, so it's a good idea to call a Colorado Springs roofing specialist to inspect the roof's integrity on a regular basis to prevent leaks and extensive erosion.

In most populated areas, wood shingles are not used often due to the risk of fire they create, but throughout history in many parts of the world, they were the main building material used for sealing roofs. Another material used to manufacture shingles is stone or slate, and while these types of tiles are quite expensive to purchase and install, they can last hundreds of years if handled properly. To ensure that a roof provides adequate protection from storm drainage and ice dams, shingles are laid from bottom to top on a roof's surface, and because there are no completely waterproof shingles, most roofs have a pitch of at least 4:12.

All shingles can be installed in different patterns and formations, and a common project for wood shingles or shakes is to lay them down in decorative geometric designs. In many historical locations in Europe, there are buildings with decorative wood-tile roofs. The most economical material for most people is the common fiberglass asphalt shingle seen on many homes in the United States. With proper upkeep, asphalt shingle roofs can reach their full life expectancy of 20 years, and contractors should be able to repair any problems as they arise.

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