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phalt shingles. Many of these people work for GAF, North America's largest manufacturer of roofing products. Their job is to perform more than 185 different tests on GAF's Advanced Protection Timberline asphalt shingles.

Those shingles that survive testing go on to become a Colorado Springs roofing shingle that is tough, fire-resistant, flexible, wind-resistant and ultra-adherent under similar weather conditions as would be experienced in a Category 4 hurricane. How do they do it?

At the heart of the shingle lies a fiberglass mat. The top-secret arrangement of fibers provide strength and durability. The GAF advanced protection process is applied to the top, weathering, layer of the shingle to improve weatherproofing and reduce the amount of asphalt that needs to be applied. Excess asphalt simply adds unnecessary weight to the shingles without contributing any benefit. Asphalt is mixed with fine limestone filler before being applied to the fiberglass mat.

The mat is impregnated with asphalt and then coated on both sides with pigmented granules. The purpose of the asphalt is to provide waterproofing while the granules protect the shingles from ultraviolet radiation. Granules come in different colors to give the roof aesthetic appeal.

The finished shingle is composed of nine layers of material: fiberglass mat, two layers each of weathering and non-weathering asphalt, two layers of granules, non-weathering asphalt and, finally, a layer of fiercely tenacious adhesive that, once applied, is activated by the sun to provide a strong bond that keeps the shingles from lifting up in strong winds.

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Among the many types of tests that the shingles undergo is wind testing, in which a roof bearing the shingles is subjected to 110 mph winds, with gusts up to 150 mph, for two full hours.

Everything about the Advanced Protection shingles is geared toward protecting the environment, from the processes designed to minimize quantities of limestone and asphalt to the optimization of the weight of each shingle to minimize transportation waste and fuel consumption. GAF also promotes a recycling program that enables contractors to reuse spent shingles for the maintenance, repair and replacement of local roads.

All this effort is why the company can offer warranties on roofing for up to 25 years, and why it is vital to secure the services of a factory-certified roofing contractor who is going to get the job done right. All it takes is a few nail pops to allow moisture to creep in and start undermining the quality materials in the shingle itself.

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