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There are many signs a homeowner should look out for in order to properly care for his or her roof. These can range from obvious signs of breakage to the less obvious signs that need closer inspection. A Colorado Springs roofing contractor should be called before doing any sort of close-up inspection or repairs to avoid accidents and injuries. The following are a few signs homeowners should watch out for to care for their roof.

The most common and dangerous signs of roof damage are in the gutters. Over time, especially on a roof with asphalt or wooden shingles, pieces of the roof will come apart and fall off. At first, this debris can be found at the end of the gutter's spout. Over time, the debris will pile up in the gutters and could be hazardous. This should be taken care of immediately to avoid causing more damage to the roof. Usually, individual shingles can be replaced and will protect those shingles that would be potentially vulnerable otherwise.

If the home has a Mediterranean-style tile roof, the signs are much more obvious.

The roofers from Avalanche roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs can answer any questions about exterior painting or water damage restoration.

Tile roofs are not especially vulnerable to wear as regular roofs and are designed to allow water to run off without getting to the wooden roof below the tiles. However, there is a chance for these tiles to break off over time. These tiles most often get loose, slide off and eventually fall and break on the ground below. Other times they can crack or small pieces can break off. Any damage to a tile roof can leave the wood below vulnerable, which could cause extensive damage to the home. While it is safe to look for these signs from a distance, a homeowner should take care not to climb up on a tile roof. The tiles break easily under weight and the resident would end up doing more harm than good.

It is advisable to take care of a potentially damaged roof at the earliest possible opportunity. Debris that gets in the gutter could cause blockages that will eventually break the gutters. In the winter time this is especially dangerous due to the possibility of an ice dam forming that traps snow and eventually causes collapse. A vulnerable roof is also susceptible to wood rot and other types of molding that can affect the health of the house's residents. Whatever the case, the roof should always be taken care of by a professional as roofing can be dangerous work.

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