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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About Is Mold From Roof Leaks Insured?

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Whether a particular homeowner's insurance policy offers protection for leaking roofs and the resulting mold is a highly variable question. The precise coverage of each policy will vary widely. Therefore, the best way to arrive at a definitive answer is to carefully reread the insurance policy for the home in question. While some insurance agents can offer specific information, the question is subtle and detailed enough that the best bet is often to read through the particular policy with a fine toothed comb.

In essence, homeowner's insurance policies are designed to protect the homeowner from the considerable expense of various types of damage, including roofing leaks or mold growth. However, there are limits on how much coverage is permitted. One of the primary reasons for denying coverage is finding that the homeowner has been somehow negligent and is therefore partially responsible for the damage.

As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to schedule regular inspections of the roof to avoid the risk of leaks developing. Most Colorado Springs roofing professionals offer this service. In fact, insurance companies often count on homeowners to take this step.

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Therefore, the insurance company expects the homeowner to detect and address any roof leaks in a timely manner.

Mold and mildew growth can begin quickly, but they usually take weeks or months before they cause serious damage. In some cases, weeks or months may pass before the issue extends from the attic to the main interior of the home. In these cases, making a claim to the insurance company may face tough odds. The insurer may argue that the homeowner was negligent in allowing the mold growth to continue over an extended period. On that basis, the insurance company may even fail to provide coverage for the leaking roof itself.

To the homeowner, this situation can be tricky to navigate; if homeowners report mold growth to the insurance company, they may have to forego coverage of the mold growth and the repair work for the roof leak, itself. On the other hand, some insurance companies have more reasonable policies, covering mold and mildew growth up to a reasonable degree.

In practice, the best course of action a homeowner can take is to regularly inspect the roof for any signs of leakage. Since visual inspections do not always give the full picture, it's a good idea to additionally enlist the help of a professional, who can make a more thorough assessment.

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