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Colorado Springs Roofing: Article About Making A Home More Energy Efficient

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Many homeowners are now aware of the benefits of making their homes as energy efficient as possible. Along with replacing windows and siding, people also are renovating their roofs to better insulate them. With a more insulated roof, people's homes stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, so homeowners spend less money on their utility bills. When they want to know more about how to make their roofs more energy efficient, homeowners can consult with a fully trained and experienced Colorado Springs roofing professional. Their roofing contractor can give them more details about ways to insulate their roofs and spare the cost of heating and cooling their homes.

One of the primary ways that roofers make a home more energy efficient is by adding more insulation to the upper level of the house such as in the attic or bulkhead. When a home has a drop attic or spaces in the upper level where heat, cold and moisture can enter the structure, people find that they must spend more on their utilities to keep their house comfortable.

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Roofing companies that add more insulation and cover the spaces where the elements come into the home help homeowners keep their houses more energy efficient. This also helps to lower the amount of money homeowners spend each year to cool and heat their buildings.

Replacing the current roofing material with a choice that is more practical is another way that homeowners can keep their energy costs down and make their homes resistant to extreme weather conditions. When people want a roof that is more energy efficient than what they have now, they can consider choices like foam roofing or tiles. Foam roofing involves spraying and covering a roof with polyurethane foam. However, foam ideally works best on houses with low sloped rooftops.

Homeowners can choose a more energy efficient roofing material such as tile. Tile roofing shingles can be made out of clay or concrete, both of which are very resistant to heat, moisture and light. Tile shingles come in an assortment of colors, allowing homeowners to choose a color and style that makes their homes look more appealing. Tiles that are made out of clay are often corrugated so that the air travels on the surface of the roof rather than into the home, allowing houses to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Tiles also can be made out of low maintenance slate.

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