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One of the biggest problems that can cause significant damage to a house is a roof leak. No matter what kind of roof a person has steel, wood or asphalt leaks can happen. If the leak isn't discovered and fixed quickly, the damage could lead to the homeowner having to buy a new roof. Hiring a Colorado Springs Roofing professional is a great way to maintain a roof and keep leaks from happening. These roofing experts not only know what to look for to find the origin of a leak; they have the tools and knowledge to fix the leak correctly before it manifests into something bigger.

The primary cause of all leaks is the age of the roofing material. Homeowners like to believe that their roofs will last forever, but rain and heat from the sun's solar rays make roofing material brittle over time. For instance, heat from the sun melts roofing tar, which is used to create a seal between shingles. Once this seal is gone, water can easily work its way into a home's roofing deck.

Another problem that causes leakage is excess moisture. When a house has an upper and lower roof, the water runoff from the upper roof can oversaturate the lower roof. The most likely causes of this problem are a backed up gutter, or the downspout from the upper roof isn't connected to the gutter on the lower roof, so it's emptying onto the roof instead.

The roofers from Avalanche roofing & Exteriors of Colorado Springs can answer any questions about attic insulation or interior painting.

Roofing professionals can easily pull the debris out of clogged gutters or extend the downspout if needed.

For a roof to work correctly, all shingles have to be in their respective places. When shingles go missing, rain has easy access to the roofing deck. Once the roofing deck is exposed to water, rot can set in, which forces the homeowner to buy a new roof. Hiring a contractor to inspect the roof for missing shingles is the best way to avoid this problem. Homeowners can have roofers inspect their roofs while they are completing general maintenance.

Most roofs have some kind of fixture that sticks out of the top. Sometimes, this is a chimney, and other times it's a roof vent. When these units are put in, holes have to be cut into the roof to allow the fixtures to poke through. The gaps around the fixtures are sealed with tar and metal flashing to prevent water from entering the house. Over years of exposure to the weather, the seals around these fixtures start to crack. The cracks have to be refilled, and flashing has to be checked every few years to prevent leaks from occurring.

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