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Walking on a roof can have several negative consequences that homeowners normally don't think about. There are the obvious issues of possibly becoming injured due to a fall, but structural problems can also occur as a result of simply walking on the roof's shingles or tiles. A Colorado Springs roofing professional is specifically trained and experienced in how to properly walk on a roof without causing damage. As a result, homeowners should leave this activity only to the professionals.

Walking on a roof can cause deterioration of the roofing shingles themselves. Asphalt roofing, for example, has tiny bits of asphalt that account for the proper flow and runoff of rainwater. This material will gradually wear over time simply due to age and exposure to weather. Walking on these materials causes this asphalt to wear down prematurely, which can easily lead to leaking.

Roofing materials are highly protective of the interiors of the home. They are the first and most important line of defense against all weather. When walked upon, asphalt shingles can become torn or loosened. Wood shingles and shakes may be disconnected or broken, and clay tile can become cracked or broken.

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These very real problems can create costly repairs that may not have been necessary otherwise.

A more obvious reason not to walk on the roof is the potential for physical danger. Rarely is there direct access to the roof from the interior of the home; simply getting on the roof requires a ladder. There are no footholds, braces or railing on roofing, making it a very exposed area. Climbing upon the roof can shake the gutters loose, damage eaves and cause a loss of balance. Falling off a roof is a serious danger that can result in physical harm.

There are proper ways to walk upon a roof to minimize damage to the materials. These practices are used by professional roofers as infrequently as possible. Even professionals avoid accessing the roof unless it is absolutely necessary. Many inspections can be done without even stepping onto the roof with much being learned from looking in the attic area. When accessing any type of roof, there is a specific type of shoe and step that is used to protect the materials. For clay tiles, there is even a specific board used to prevent putting too much weight upon an individual tile. It's for these reasons that this activity is best left to the professionals.

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