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When selecting a new roof and a qualified Colorado Springs roofing contractor, it's important to ensure that a roof stays protected long after installation is complete. The best way homeowners can safeguard their roof investments is by reading and understanding their roof warranties.

Warranties are available in several forms. Some are issued by roof manufacturers to cover product defects, and some are provided by roofers to guarantee against installation problems. The third type of warranty is the most prized, covering both material quality and installation issues and only available when top-tier, specially designated roofers perform the installation.

Roof warranty time limits vary depending on the roof type, the installer's certification level and a host of other conditions. The best and longest-lasting coverage comes with lifetime and limited lifetime warranties, which are available on most tile, slate and high-end architectural shingle roofs. More common asphalt shingle roofs usually enjoy less coverage with 10- to 30-year limited warranties.

Factory roof warranties also have some common coverage limitations. Usually, these policies offer full protection against material defects only in the first few years after installation. As the years continue, the percentage of protection declines. To avoid this loss in coverage over time, some homeowners seek more generous No Dollar Limit, or NDL, policies. Unlike pro-rated warranties, NDL policies cover the full cost of replacement or repair for the life of the warranty.

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Homeowners also have some responsibility in ensuring that the warranty remains valid. Taking care of the roof is the most important homeowner obligation, and post-installation inspections and annual maintenance are common requirements. It's always a good idea for homeowners to document annual maintenance with professional roofer maintenance receipts or photos.

Homeowners also have an obligation to protect the roof from avoidable damage. Only professional roofers should be allowed to walk on, repair or modify the roof. Any changes or additions to the roof, including the installation of rooftop air conditioning units, should be communicated to the roof manufacturer. Warranties also frequently require homeowners to notify the factory within 30 days of discovering a leak.

Knowing what's excluded from warranty coverage is important. Harm resulting from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, excessive winds and earthquakes is frequently prohibited from coverage. Consequential damages to items within the home are also commonly excluded from manufacturer warranties.

Finally, the value of a home often benefits from a roof warranty that is transferable. Not all warranties can be transferred after a home has been sold, so those that can be handed over to the new owner are especially favored.

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