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Extreme winter conditions can lead to damaged homes, especially if left unchecked. It is best that a Colorado Springs roofing specialist survey older homes before a big winter storm hits. If a roof needs to be replaced, the homeowner should consider installing Winterguard for an extra safeguard against the effects of wintry weather. The following are just a couple of common problems that could occur during the winter season, especially with an improperly insulated roof.

Ice accumulation is a threat to a home during winter. When the insulation in a home is not properly managed, ice begins to accumulate along the edges of the roof and gutters, resulting in icicles. While icicles are a sign of a home that is not well-insulated, they also pose a danger to people passing by. It is best to remove large icicles to avoid injuries. Icicles are fragile and unpredictable. They can fall at the slightest vibration. They are especially dangerous when the weather begins to warm, as the base melts and increases fragility.

With icicles come ice dams, which are large accumulations of ice along the roof edge. Melted water flows over these dams, which eventually forms icicles. Ice dams prevent melting snow and ice from reaching the gutters. It is best to have a roof checked early for potential areas of ice accumulation. The most obvious sign of a potential ice dam is debris in the gutters.

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Water usually freezes when it is still for a long period of time. Moving water takes longer to freeze. When there is debris in the gutters, the water will move less, which eventually causes an ice dam. In extreme cases, this accumulation can cause a roof to become so heavy that it collapses.

Snow accumulation in the winter is equally dangerous and challenging for the homeowner. When snow falls lightly, there is little risk of damage. Extreme cases of snow accumulation can lead to extensive problems such as a roof avalanche. When snow accumulates and becomes too heavy, it can slide off the roof. This can happen with little to no warning and at the slightest agitation of the snow. Proper heating can keep the snow of from icing on the roof. One should also ensure they have a well-built gutter system in place as an added precaution against snow accumulation.

During the winter season, it is best to take every precaution to ensure happy holidays. A roof should be expected once a year in areas that receive little snow and at least twice a year in areas with annual snowfall. If there are any signs of degradation on the roof, such as roof particles in the gutters, a roofing contractor should be called for an inspection as soon as possible.

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