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There was a time when a homeowner had only a few decisions to make when installing a new roof, and choosing eco-friendly materials wasn't one of them. The world of roofing has been turned upside down with three new emerging trends: growing plants on roofs, otherwise known as "green" roofing; new technologies in solar panels, and using metal as a roofing material.

The concept of planting vegetation on rooftops is apparently nothing new. The Norwegians have been doing it for hundreds of years. In Europe, homeowners have been planting rooftop gardens for more than 30 years. The idea is taking root all over the United States. In 2010, the square footage of green roofs increased by almost 30 percent. Local governments are offering incentives to builders for installing green roofs.

While the roof may not be the most practical place for a golfer to locate a putting green, green roofs offer habitats for animals, insects and plants. They aid in stormwater management and help to combat the heat island effect in cities. Perennial varieties of sedum provide maintenance-free cover on a green roof so there is no mowing involved.

Another trend in Colorado Springs roofing is the installation of new-technology solar shingles. Not only can these tidier-looking solar shingles provide electricity and reduce energy costs, they can add value to a house. In order to encourage the installation of solar rooftops, some localities are offering tax incentives on this added value.

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What makes the new solar tiles different? Aside from being more energy-efficient than their predecessors, they are also less unattractive. Conventional solar panels stand proud on the roof surface, while the newer technology shingles lie flat and look less clunky.

Finally, metal roofing has come a long way since the curly, hot tin variety. As well as being more versatile and attractive, metal roofing is lightweight, long-lasting, energy-efficient and recyclable. Metal roofing is also growing in popularity, currently occupying 10 percent of the American re-roofing market and projected to continue growing at a rate of 5.6 percent per year.

Today's metal roofing material suits any style of home whether it's traditional, modern or barn-style. Materials are available in different colors and can be made to mimic many different styles, including shakes, shingles and tiles.

Metal roofs are also practical. They are resistant to wind and heat, and in the winter, snow slides right off, which means no risky climbing onto the roof to shovel! There is a higher initial outlay, but metal is 100 percent recyclable and the roof itself will last at least five times as long as a conventional roof, which may require replacing every 10 years. There are copper roofs atop churches in Europe that are still perfectly functional after centuries of faithful protection.

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